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Dr. Ahmed Irfani has completed his B.U.M.S medical degree course in 1990 (1984-1990) from Osmania University and then pursued his Doctor of Medicine from UHS (University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, AP) submitted his thesis “Clinical Study Of Vitiligo (Bars) and The Therapeutic Response Of Unani Medicine” in 1994. During his research was permitted to treat 50 patients but so huge the response was that nearly 200 patients took treatment at Government. Nizamia General Hospital, this was the first and the only time in the history of the hospital and college and till to this day no one has even broken that record. Once the budget for the medicines exhausted, Dr. Ahmed Irfani put his own money and prepared the medicines to be given to the poor and desperate people.

In 1995 migrated to New Zealand, visited USA in 1999, finally settling in Sydney, Australia in 1999, also visited Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and Middle East. In August 2008 after 13 years of overseas life, Dr. Ahmed Irfani burnt his boat and returned to his sweet motherland, India to fulfill his dream of re dedicating his services towards researching and developing new therapeutic herbal formulations for Vitiligo patients.

Awards and Important Info

We are proud to provide quality health care to patients

The first doctor of Medicine(M.D.) on Vitiligo Specialist from Unani system of medicine, developed 2 proven sucessful Group for the treatment, named as Group A and Group B, both Oral and Application.

Patient Testimonials

We are proud to provide quality health care to patients. I got some blessings from the patients those gave me a chance to cure their problems.


The first Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) on Vitiligo from Unani System of Medicine

During his tenure as a research scholar doing M.D. at Govt. Nizamia Unani Medical College & Hospital, from 1991 to 1994, Dr. Ahmed Irfani took Vitiligo as his topic and set forth in formulating, researching new herbal medicines for a successful cure. This has proved to be pivotal in developing 2 successful Groups for the treatment, named as Group A and Group B, both Oral and Application.


Introduction To Unani System Of Medicine

We follow the regimen of ancient Greek Medicine popularly known as Unani System of Medicine incorporated in India as a separate department termed as AYUSH, which stands for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy otherwise also known as Indian Medicine and Homeopathy. Unani system of medicine is as old as Ayurveda system of practice and was adopted, enhanced, researched, developed and formulated enthusiastically by Arab physicians.


Introduction To Speciality Centre For Vitiligo

The centre was formally opened on 21st September 2008 after which there has been huge interest amidst some curiosity and apprehension from people who had to run around trying to get a cure. But those who came to us and started the treatment noticed results in 7-14 days depending which Group was given.One needs to be aware that Vitiligo is a very complicated and difficult skin disorder to start treating with.