Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is vitiligo?

Disorder of pigmentation in which patches of varying size and shapes develop on previously healthy skin. It may be localized to one region, widespread or almost generalized.

2. What is Unani system of medicine?

It is ancient Greek system of medicine.

3. What is AYUSH?

Indian Government initiative, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopath. Previously called as Indian System Of Medicine and Homeopathy.

4. Which system of medicine provides excellent cure to vitiligo?

Unani system of medicine, if you have any doubts than you may go through various text books written by Avicenna, Descorodos, Galen, etc as they have covered it extensively. Also C.C.R.UM (Central Council For Research In Unani Medicine, established by Govt Of India) widely publicise that Unani system of medicine offers excellent cure in almost all skin disorders especially Vitiligo, Arthritis, Liver disorders, Paralysis, Renal Calculi etc.

5. Is vitiligo treatable?

Yes it is, however if is widespread then it may not be possible to treat it

6. After complete cure will it ever come back?

Yes there is a possibility that it may come back but with our treatment we haven’t seen any relapse so far, but if you follow some dietary restrictions then you can save yourself from getting white patches again.

7. Does it spread by touching or eating in the plates of the person affected?

No its not a contagious disease and it doesn’t spread by towel, plates etc.

8. In which stage it will yield excellent result?

If the patches has just turned pinkish, then the recovery phase will be shorter and rapid re-pigmentation may be noticed.

9. Does one should to follow dietary recommendation?

Yes. Dietary recommendations are important, as modern medicine (Allopathic), is silent on this issue, however ancient Greek method of treatment (Unani) has amply demonstrated that dietary factors do play important role in spreading the patches as well as adhering to dietary recommendations will yield good result and stops spread and re appearance in later stages of life.

10. Does it runs in family?

Yes does run in family, we have also seen cases where daughter got it first and mother much later. Also father didn’t got affected but son did as also his brother’s son.

11. What are the probable food items that causes vitiligo?

We have seen people coming in with light patches developed after consuming fish in few cases, in couple of cases we have seen vitiligo appearing after consuming Eggs regularly after being advised by a local GP for relieving of weakness. Other food item that may cause vitiligo are sea food and sour articles.

12. Does any medicines causes vitiligo?

Yes, prolonged usage of strong pain killers, high dosage and prolonged usage of anti biotics has been noted to cause vitiligo to appear in other wise healthy and normal person.

13. Does medicines dispensed by Speciality Centre For Vitiligo has any adverse reactions, side effects?

No there are no severe side effects except that on applying Group A application powder mixed in either vinegar or ginger juice and applied in excess quantity may cause localized irritation and some time rashes which will subside once the quantity is decreased.

14. Does Speciality Centre For Vitiligo treat only vitiligo cases?

Yes we only treat vitiligo cases and nothing else thus making us the only centre in the world which uses traditional Indian System Of Medicine.

15. Do we give same medicines to every case?

No, we are the only centre in the world to offer 10 local application powders and oils, almost 10 oral preparations. We check and take history before deciding which Group will give good result and may change when the result is slow or not to our satisfaction.