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About Dr. Ahmed Ifrani

Dr. Ahmed Irfani has completed his B.U.M.S medical degree course in 1990 (1984-1990) from Osmania University and then pursued his Doctor of Medicine from UHS (University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, AP) submitted his thesis “Clinical Study Of Vitiligo (Bars) and The Therapeutic Response Of Unani Medicine” in 1994.

Nizamia General Hospital, this was the first and the only time in the history of the hospital and college and till to this day no one has even broken that record.


1. What is vitiligo?

Disorder of pigmentation in which patches of varying size and shapes develop on previously healthy skin. It may be localized to one region, widespread or almost generalized.

What is AYUSH?

Indian Government initiative, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopath. Previously called as Indian System Of Medicine and Homeopathy.

Is vitiligo treatable?

Yes it is, however if is widespread then it may not be possible to treat it.

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The overwhelming response was noticed in almost all of the cases, most of the cases got cured in 3-4 months. Also this is first time in India if not globally that we have established a Speciality Centre purely for Researching and Treating cases of Vitiligo, using Pure Herbals in Hyderabad.


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Group A Oral

Group A Oral Is our star performer in treating Vitiligo cases, contains many herbs.

Group B: Oral

Since our research time contains many herbs which have proven to be effective in controlling spread of Vitiligo and re pigmentation process.

Group B: Application

The silent performer, non-skin irritant, but its action is rather slow, blends perfectly with skin color, has been observed to perform best in minors.

Group E Oral

We had to develop this formulation keeping in mind some of our patients having trouble with Group A Oral which has to be boiled twice daily.

DBW: Oral

Brownish powder containing 19 herbs mainly for Liver correction, it is also very useful in sluggish liver functions, Jaundice and other liver disorders.

MSS Powder

During the last 6 months, we have formulated a new herbal preparation which contains 2 herbs and has found to cause increased blood flow over and around white patches (redness) thus increasing the chances of re pigmentation.

AV Application Powder

Contains 5 herbs and grinded into fine powder is our new formulation and development towards treating Vitiligo cases.

New Powder Application

Another formulation containing 5 raw herbs grinded to fine powder, is one of our best post research herbal preparation.

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How to achieve great results from our treatment. How To Use Medicines Dispensed By Speciality Centre For Leucoderma. How we aim to provide best package for our patients.

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