Q & A

1) What kind of treatment do we offer?

Its Unani (ancient Greek method of treatment), now part of Indian System Of Medicine, Department Of AYUSH. Govt. Of India.

2) What is Vitiligo or White Patches?

Absence of Melanocytes (which gives coloration to the skin, the more their concentration, the more dark skin will be) either dead or inactive Melanocytes, which could be due to various factors. Please check our website for more information.

3) With our treatment will the patches go away 100%?

Yes. Provided your body hasn’t turned white completely, we do not wish to take such cases as it will be prolonged treatment where patient may loose his/her confidence thus dropping out which will affect our records.

If the patches are small, the progress with our treatment is usually Good, we do see V.Good results in about 30% cases, Excellent in about 10% and Exceptional in about 5% of cases that we treat. We have noticed that if the patches have just turned pinkish and not completely white, then there are more chances of Excellent to V.Good progress report. Where as in medium to large patches, its mostly Good progress depending upon sex, age and physiological well being. If your inside is normal i.e. copper, B12 and Folic acid levels are normal then you can expect fast progress.

4) What is so different in our way of treatment?

As we only take and treat vitiligo cases we constantly do our research as each and every case is different and throw up different pattern of result. We have 8 oral powders, 7 application powders, 3 oils for application as well as 2 oral tablets for treating vitiligo cases. Not all cases will respond to one particular form of application powder or oil and no body can claim that, if they are upright and honest about treating vitiligo cases with single medicines.
We have noticed that those who has seeked treatment else where before coming to us, were promised a lot but the result were either nil or negligible.

5) Is there a course of treatment for Vitiligo?

If you are seeking a course, we don’t have any; infact there is no course like an antibiotic course to treat vitiligo cases. One has to take treatment as long as the patches remains, normally if you have been treated for say 4 years some where and has achieved some progress, with our treatment you may see the same or more in less than 4-6 months of taking our medicines. Outcome depends on sex, age, skin, liver and mental well being. People suffering from Diabetes has shown slow progress and those on painkillers may see slow progress as well.

6) Once the patches are gone will they come back?

So far those whom we have treated, none has come back with new patches. However for the rest of your life, you need to follow few food restrictions to avoid re appearance, regardless of where you take treatment from, like all sea food must be avoided, prolonged usage of anti biotic may trigger auto immune response which again may result in re appearance, need to regulate intake of eggs and farm chicken and fish which are fed with feed containing growth hormone.

7) Are there are any side affects with our treatment?

None so seriously. In rare cases, especially in young girls one may see appearance of rashes on the patches/spots which usually subside if the application quantity is reduced and monitored.


In rare cases one may complain of nausea after taking oral medicines, again this has been noted in very young cases, especially in girls. To over come this, you can request tablets in lieu of oral powder, or you can mix sugar, honey or Rooh Afza sherbet to make it more palatable, also you can use empty capsules.


No matter how long you take our treatment, there will be no side effects in general, on the other side, it will be good for your body, liver and skin as our medicines are natural and are blood purifier and liver intoxicant.

8) How about gauging progress?

To arrive correctly at progress level, you need to have an eye for details otherwise you will miss the development and start getting confused. To do this you need to keep old photograph taken before treatment, compare them with your patches every 15 days. Great care must be taken when comparing, we were totally surprised when even highly educated people, few even doctors missed to note the changes and started getting doubts about our treatment, when we showed them where changes happened, like for example on the edges or the edges getting hyper pigmented then they were able to understand. It is no doubt quite difficult to gauge the progress with naked eyes if the changes are on the edges of the patches rather than formation of dots in the middle. Even we won’t be able to tell out unless we compare them with old photos very very carefully. Glory to Lord, 90% of our cases shows progress which no body else can claim, that much confidence we have.

9) What will happen if there is a gap in the treatment?

Unfortunately some people have the habit of starting with great enthusiasm but down the line they become lethargic and give the treatment a miss for few weeks to few months and then come back for another round of medicines resulting in the progress graph going down. Kindly do not do this, we want you to come, take our treatment and get out of it as soon as possible, the results are in your hands, we aint going to apply or take medicines for you, so the more strict you are with your treatment the more smoother and faster progress you shall see.

10) What is the role of diet in vitiligo?

As explained above, diet plays a very important role in spreading the patches. Dietary adherence will contain spreading BUT for the ill affects of your previous dietary pattern will take time to wane, till then new patches may keep appearing, you will have to bide till then, once that phase passes out and no new patches appearing, with our treatment you shall see good progress. So remember again, there aint any medicines to stop Vitiligo appearing, just like there aint any medicines to stop Diabetes setting in or Hypertension coming in, it all depends on your eating pattern. While eating do not fill your self up to your throat, it causes dyspepsia, constipation and gases problem thus weakening your digestive process, your liver and thus MAY contribute towards Vitiligo

11) Are the medicines safe to be taken during pregnancy?

Of course, they can be taken without much fuss as oral medicines that have to be taken twice on empty stomach are infact blood purifiers and DBW is liver function corrector.

12) Why can’t you give us time frame for the patches to go away?

We don’t want to fool any one with such statements, we don’t want cases which are doubtful about our line of treatment or lack confidence in themselves. When we re-started treating Vitiligo in 2008, initially we saw unbelievable results in so many cases. In some cases 80% pigmentation was achieved in 4-5 weeks, so elated we were with the progress that we ‘snouted’ that the patches should be gone in another month, that didn’t happened, strangely with such fast progress in 4-5 weeks, the rest of 20% pigmentation took 2-3 months to achieve. So the patients or their relatives started to question us, hence we stopped saying or giving probable time frame. We aint here just to make ‘moolah’ we are here to treat in a humane and empathetic manner as much as we can, BUT we aint going to distribute medicines for free.

13) After starting treatment, I am still getting new patches or patches are spreading?

Please understand diet play v.v important role in containing the spread, it also adversely affect progress or re-pigmentation, however after stopping what’s not to be taken, it may take up to 6months for the ill affect to wane from your body till then sometime you may see spreading or new patches, which is not so common yet will appear thus creating confusion about the treatment, suffice to say, if one holds on to the treatment and observe dietary restriction perfectly, this phase will go away and no new patches may appear and then you will see smooth progress. So stay tune and do your work rather than stressing yourself. Sooner or later they will be history.


Please bear in mind our medicines will not stop new patches from coming in its under your skin where there is damage to the coloring pigment. However with our treatment and strict dietary follow up one may see the phase pass away. There are no meds to stop any disease or disorder from coming in its your food that plays a major role in all these.


It is very important to understand these facts: There are 2 thing associated with Vitiligo and i.e. diet and treatment. Say you have 2 stable patches, and you following your diet properly and no strong pain killer or anti biotic taken for prolonged period, no Diabetes and no Thyroid issues, your patches will remain the same BUT they won’t go away unless you start treatment. So with your diet you will control your patches, AND with our treatment your patches will go away. We hope these will clear lot of air for lot of people.

14) Which nuts and dried fruits can I take?

Dried figs greatly helps in regeneration of melanocytes cells. Please avoid peanuts. You can take almonds, pistachios, dried figs and raisin in equal quantity and if consumed daily will have greater affect towards pigmentation process.

15) How do I make payment for the treatment?

If you are in India, there is only 1 option available and i.e. making direct debit into our SBH (State Bank Of Hyderabad) account and advising us subsequently so we can get the medicines to be packed and couriered out to the address provided.


As for International cases, you can remit money via Western Union and provide us the code and then we will ship the medicines out to you. Our I.S Number for Western Union is:  IS 13437.


We use DTDC for Indian cases and for International ones we use India Post, once we ship or courier your medicines we will advise you of the receipt number, so you can check the progress of the shipment.


We do not have any facility for PayPal or credit card mode of payment, please remember, this is not a chemist shop where one can order medicines and pay off by using credit card or PayPal method. Your trust and confidence is our main aim and pillar of strength.


For DTDC tracking you can visit the website http://dtdc.in and for India Post http://www.indiapost.gov.in


If the parcel is returned due to the addressee not receiving despite attempt by the postal dept or courier company then it will be the responsibility of the addressee to either send postage amount again or arrange for some one to pick up.


WE don’t have any money refund policy in case the meds not received by the addressee.


Thanks to one of our case in America, we have been advised that if one wants to make payment thru Credit Card they can use Western Union website to do so. Please visit the link for details and making payments.



While using Western Union website to make payment, please make sure you tick cash so we can receive the same and not waste time.


15th September 2012


Note: Some people have started asking for reference prior to starting our treatment. In this scenario we wish to advise that, especially after living in the western countries for 13 years, we are more concerned about confidentiality, hence we won’t provide any references to any one regardless of any thing. Please understand would you like some one to come to know that you have taken treatment for vitiligo which is now gone after our treatment? Second thing, how shall we ask those who are taking treatment or have already completed their treatment, that we will be providing their email or contact details to prospective patients or their parents? This is not a business setup nor we have made this as a pure business entity, we care for each one of our cases and we make sure their details are safe with us. If you look at our videos on YouTube, hardly we have shown any face for recognition or provided their actual names.


In case there is a remote possibility, and the patient or their parents/guardian do not mind, or are OK but with limited details to be provided in the video, we MAY post details of such cases in our videos on YouTube in future.


Note: Please do not call us enquiring about our treatment, rather we prefer contacting via email.


Dr. Ahmed Irfani

M.D (vitiligo)

G.D.M.M (New Zealand)

Ex-Tyco Australia Pty Ltd,

Ex-Research International New Zealand Ltd.