Overseas Successfully Treated Cases

We Have Successfully Treated Cases from

America, Australia, Britain, China, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Afghanistan, etc.

We have been treating fully and solitary since September 2008, this is our 11 years running. 10 years of solid experience in treating vitiligo/white patches, during these years we ONLY TREATED white patches and nothing else so what we understand, no other doctor can.

Our formulations/medicines are different from CCRUM, or any other physician as they are continuously researched and developed based on the feedback and results.

We have in fact introduced 2 new formulations, oral, on June 2019 as Group G, and Group CC Capsules.

Your trust is paramount to us more than anything. We Guarantee you results provided you have patience, perseverance and persistent with the treatment.

Proven Results